Who are we

In solar panels sector, WATTS AT HOME ENERGY S.L. (located in Celrà) presents itself as a safe choice, being formed by CO2EN Engineering technical team, with more than 10 years of experience in the renewable energy and sustainability sector.


The photovoltaic solar panels, have been growing for several years, improving year by year the available systems, and offering a sustainable and economical alternative to the client.

In many world countries a big number of installations have been made, increasing the produced solar energy. Here instead, with the restrictrive laws about it for several years, the activity stopped. Luckily everything chanhed, and has become in the present situation.

Nowadays we see more solar panels companies appearing every day. There are all types, installers that act autonomously, big companies that hire every part of the project, and in Watts At Home case, an engineering that manages the technical part of the project, and ensures the cohesion and good work in all aspects.

If there is a problem with the installation in the future, Watts At Home (located in Celrà, Girona) is the responsible one, and consequently, we try to avoid mistakes to not have to pay them. This includes buying the best materials, and dedicating extra time to finish up properly the installation.

Our biggest source of clients, are clients that are happy with the WAH experience. What we want is to give a good service, with a fair price, informing our clients of the details of what they are acquiring, offering advice during the whole process, or even helping afterwards for a better usage of the installation.