MOVES II Plan Catalonia

As we have explained in the general page, each Autonomous Region defines this electrical vehicles and charging stations plan's bases, and in this case we are gonna define Catalonia's bases.

To be able to access MOVES II plan, we will have to go through several processes, starting with appliance, and ending with justification of required aspects.

A continuació trobaràs els enllaços a l'explicació de cada part del procés:


- Appliance:

The process will be different depending on if you are a phisical person, or you act as someone with a laboral activity.

In order to advance and obtain the economical benefit, we will have to obtain the appliance approval.  

Required actions: 

- Phisical Person: To have idCatMòbil (you can obtain it at the moment of tramitation) or to have electronical signature.

- Others: To have electronical signature.


- idCatMóbil usage:

In phisical people's case, the process can be done by the mobile appliance comented. This process can be done at the same moment, not needing to have previous idCatMóbil.

En cas d'altres sol·licitants, si que s'hauria de fer el procés a través de signatura electrònica.



It is very important for this part of the process, to have all the documents needed with you, due to the need of presenting it all together.

The required documentation will vary depending on the applicant profile, and what they are asking economical help for.