2nd MOVES Plan

Sustainable yet economical transportation is more important every day in society. The 2nd MOVES plan presents an economical help for electrical vehicles, and charging stations acquisiton to be an easier solution for everyone.

Who can apply?:

- Phisical Person

- Juridical Person with NIF beginning with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, J, R o W

- Autonomous

- Owners Comunity

- City Councils (last point)


Electrical vehicles:

- Direct acquisition, or through financing (leasing or renting), of alternative energies vehicles. 

In M1 i N1 categories vehicles, and if you put out of circulation a Spanish vehicle, the economical help can increase (as long as you are the owner).

You can apply until 9 months after the vehicle acquisition.

- The amount will be from 600 € en quads, to 15.000 € in electrical trucks and buses. 

In passengers vehicles we can get up to 5.500 € scrapping the one putting out of circulation, o 6.000 € if the are comercial vehicles up to 3.500 Kg.

In the case of an owner, that due to reduced mobility requires a vehicle adaptation, and it is specified on the data sheet, the economical help will increase by 750 €. 


Charging stations:

- Electrical vehicles charging stations infrastructure promotion, through direct acquisition. 

In owners comunities it will be appliable the electrical pre installation. 

- The amount will be between 30 and 40% of the eligible cost, with a 100.000 € limit.


Companies Transportation and City Councils on Urban Cores:

- Implementation of new measures on the companies transportation plans, or City Councils measures on urban cores.

- The amount will be between 40 and 50% of the eligible cost, with a 500.000 € limit.



- Every Autonomous Region has to publish the stablished bases, with their respective demands, and will not be eligible until it is published.

*- In case you recieve the economical help you will not be eligible for other European or Statal help lines.


Here you have a link to an official article explaining the information